You may be eligible for training support of up to $10,000!

The Community Health Retraining Fund (CHRF) was negotiated by your union to support workers in the community health sector who have been laid-off, bumped, demoted or had their hours of work reduced due to downsizing, contracting out, cutbacks or closures.

Workers who are covered by the community subsector collective agreement can apply for up to $10,000 toward education and retraining courses and programs.

Read the Comprehensive Report for the new CBA collective agreement here.

The CHRF also supports skills upgrading, training and professional development for workers to enhance their ability to stay in the community health care sector.

Have you…

  • Been laid-off, bumped or had your work hours significantly reduced?
  • Lost work due to contracting out, cutbacks or contract retendering?

Do you…

  • Want to upgrade your skills for your current job?
  • Need training to apply for other jobs in the Community Health or Health Facilities subsectors?
  • Need English as a second or additional language skills?
  • Need to upgrade a diploma or certificate from another country?
  • Want to advance your career?